The Permaculture Association Cyprus (PAC), was created by a group of enthusiastic action-orientated individuals who believe in a common cause; providing a tangible solution to the world’s biggest problem: Global Warming or Climate Change.




The term permaculture is a contraction of the words “permanent,” “agriculture,” and “culture.”

Permaculture is a design process that results in food-growing systems, buildings and communities that have a regenerative effect on the planet. It is about understanding how nature operates and then taking steps to quickly restore balance and harmony.

Our function is to promote local initiatives that support the three permaculture principles:

A world in which Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share are the highest priorities



It has been fully accepted after COP21 that climate change is happening at an increased rate due to human activity on the planet.

Once of the biggest contributors to this change is atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide), and one of the most efficient ways to capture CO2 is through soil biology, one of the many attributes of Permaculture.

Topsoil is the living mass that sustains biological life, grows our crops, feeds our animals, captures and stores water, and prevents erosion.

However, the world’s topsoil is being depleted at an alarming rate while nature requires 400-500 years to produce 1 cm of topsoil.

With Permaculture, we can produce 3-4 cm in about 5 years!


PAC is divided into various sub-committees of which the PermaBlitz Organisational Committee (POC) forms PermaBlitz events that are at the forefront of Permaculture change in Cyprus.

NOTE: As an association, we are linked with various partners who are either directly associated with us or who we recommend. Non of these associated links provide any financial returns – our objective is to support local initiatives.

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