The Permaculture Association Cyprus or PAC, was created in 2015. We are a Not For Profit Organization. We are currently working towards becoming a legal entity.


Our Vision: A world in which Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share are the highest priorities

Our Mission: To promote Permaculture in Cyprus.

We are focused on:

–  Providing support, information and guidance to our members and the public.

–  Organizing Practical Events called Permablitzes where people can learn Permaculture Techniques and principles, whilst making a physical contribution to a Permaculture Project (link to People and Places).

–  Promoting Permaculture Courses on the island.

–  Increasing awareness of Permaculture and its benefits in Cyprus, particularly amongst farmers and children, as well as other groups.

– Making information about Permaculture available to interested parties.


Come and Join Us to be part of the change we want to see in the world!