April 2018 – Treis Elies

It was a lovely sunny day, the temperature was just perfect for working outside. At lunch time there was even some clouds to make our life easier! The jobs for the day were: – Preparing grow beds for low crops – Preparing grow beds for trellising crops – Chopping and Dropping the group cover around […]

Feb 2018 – Agia Eirini /Akdeniz

Umut was very happy to welcome us back for our third visit to his Permaculture site in Aghia Irini or Akdeniz, in Northern Cyprus. This was a two day event during which we had a lovely time planting over 150 trees. Most of the trees were planted on the boundary – providing a wind-break. We […]

September 2017 – Paramytha

For our blitz last year Koukoulakli attracted over 50 participants! Wanting to make sure the experience remained educational, useful and in consideration of the land, for this Blitz we decided to trial limited attendance of twenty people and expand it over both days of the weekend. This certainly worked well with many people coming for […]

June 2017 – Treis Elies

Objective: Harvesting and processing rye   It was a warm summer day in June when had our permablitz here in Treis Elies. The focus of the blitz was mainly on our rye crops. We have always been dreaming of growing our own grain crop and making it one day into bread! We have not accomplished […]

May 2017 – Larnaca

This was a wonderful opportunity for PAC to help a truly great cause – Oasis Refugee Project in Larnaca. We had the honour of helping to design and build a large garden at Elijah House which is used to offer English language lessons for refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa. The site […]

April 2017 – Agia Irini / Akdeniz

This was an action packed Blitz and we were very grateful to all those who made the trip to Agia Irene – more than 50 people were there!! The activities included: Digging swales, Planting trees, Building a cob wall, Constructing a Mandala Garden, Building a Rocket-mass-heater; Erecting a Geodesic Dome and having lots of fun […]

March 2017 – Xylophagou

Filo Terra was formerly a seven thousand square meter potato field located between the villages of Xylophagou and Avgorou. A Canadian log house was built on the site in 2006/7 to accommodate the family and is totally “OFF GRID”. We purchased the land in 2005 and since then it  has been manicured by nature herself […]

February 2017-Mitsero

  The sun was already high and gave the signal for what was to be a beautiful and creative day for all attendants of the February 2017 Permamblitz event, taking place at “IEROKIPIO Permaculture Land & Training Center”. The participants gathered and after the customary presentations and welcoming from their hosts Gabriel & Christina and […]

December 2016 – Kakopetria

We had a great day working with Polis and Irene at their remote site near Kakopetria. We helped prepare some planting beds and also to make some repairs to the roof of a small structure which houses batteries for the Photovoltaic system. We also worked on building a new structure at the top of the […]

September 2016 – Paramytha

It was great to be back at Koukoulaki where we held our very first permablitz two years ago. We had a record turnout of more than 50 participants with a good number of attendees from the North. Truly a bi-communal event. A number of very enthusiastic children participated in the children’s programme. The main project […]