July 24 2016 – Xylophagou

  It was brutally hot in the paddock at Filo Terra, but the relentless sun was a perfect demonstration of the challenges facing the Ogdens down on the coastal plain. The July Permablitz at the site near Xylophagou was a great opportunity to learn techniques for economizing water usage in such drought-prone spots. We started […]

May 29 2016 – Kiti

It was a very enriching day. The goals were to get started with some projects on the land, to encourage children to participate as well as for participants to have a good time. There were many options for participation and learning from the design process (thanks to Gabriel Pantelis) to kids making teepees (thanks to […]

April 24 2016 – Treis Elies

  It was a lovely sunny day in Treis Elies.  Excellent for working outside. The main project that the team undertook was to dig a pond. This went well and many big fat juicy earthworms were found and stored by a member to start his own wormery.  Always a good idea to start a wormery! […]

March 27 2016 – Parekklisia

  The turnout at the Pareklisia Permablitz was great with a number of families attending with their children who joined in so it was also a great social day out. This blitz was all about taming the wilderness and establishing a food forest. The terrain is rocky with hard clay soil (common to many parts […]

January 24 2016 – Xylophagou

It was a cold and frosty morning in Xylophagou, but we were all grateful that it was not raining, and that the hosts had a large fire waiting for us all in the house. So the day was spent between energetic activity outdoors and warm social interactions by the fireplace.   The activities included filling […]

July 26 2015 at Treis Elies

  Join us in Ecovillage Tris Elies for this July Permablitz! Various activities will be available, following your wants, and the number of people attending: – Building composting units for the village – Collecting organic matter to fill those lovely brand new composting units – Harvesting fruits in various locations along or close to the […]

January 18th 2015 – Mitsero

(Ακολουθεί το ελληνικό κείμενο) The date in the calendar was January 18, 2015, and it was meant to be a landmark day for IEROKIPIO Permaculture Land & Training Center. The first Permablitz event was a fact, and with joy and enthusiasm we began to welcome the people that began to gather. The turnout was greater […]