Welcome to our TRIBE!

The Permaculture movement is in its infancy here in Cyprus, and so we need as much support as possible.

We are a group of volunteers who have been promoting permaculture locally for a number of years in many cases on our own lands. Our next goal is to become a legal non-profit entity so as to be able to create bigger change on the island.

As a legal entity would be able to promote Permaculture to the wider community and also at local and national government levels. Being a legal entity will enable us to attract corporate sponsors and thus open-up many avenues. We would like to help establish a number of sustainable/regenerative projects on the island.

We could REALLY USE YOUR HELP to make this happen!!

We have people from all walks of life joining to support us and our beautiful island.

For Individuals

As an individual, come and join us for FREE and show your support by signing up for the newsletter here.

Alternatively, you can join those who have selected to donate Euro 10.00 per year in support of our efforts, and as a thank you (with your permission), you will be listed on our web site and receive a special ‘Thank You’ note on Facebook when you join.

To subscribe to the 10.00/year and join a growing group of supporters, please click below for a secure payment.

For Businesses

If you are a Business, there is also the option of supporting us at Euro 100.00 per year and this would include your own logo on our homepage, your own post with business description and map with links to your web site and social media, an honorary mention on our site, as well as on Facebook.

To subscribe to the 100.00/year and join a growing group of supporters, please click below for a secure payment. We will contact you next for all the details and with a big thank you!


Anyone Can Donate

Alternatively, individuals and businesses also have the option to DONATE an arbitrary amount in the form of a single donation. These are also very greatly appreciated as we launch the Permaculture Association Cyprus as a legal entity.


All your support will be going directly into our drive to become a legal entity, and as an NGO, our monthly meetings that discuss our progress toward plans for making Cyprus green, will be able to make a greater impact.

As of now, our main focuses includes PermaBlitz‘s and will expand into buying tools to share communally, raising awareness of Permaculture, and promotional/fundraising events. However, we have a bigger project in mind that would make a significant impact locally.

IN ANY CASE…. we would love to see you joining us getting our hands dirty while having fun learning in nature – Join us on one of our up-coming PermaBlitz events – check our upcoming events!