April Newsletter 2016



March Permablitz Report


The turnout at the Pareklisia Permablitz was great with a number of families attending with their children who joined in so it was also a great social day out. This blitz was all about taming the wilderness and establishing a food forest. The terrain is rocky with hard clay soil (common to many parts of Cyprus) so presents some challenges for the owner. To prepare for a vegetable garden, cardboard was cleaned of all tape and then it was laid down as a sheet mulch which will later be covered with organic matter and straw mulch to increase soil fertility, suppress weeds and lessen the water requirement. Holes were dug for fruit trees and nitrogen fixing trees and wild olives were thinned. Our attendant carpenter and his apprentices also made good progress on constructing a chicken tractor, a movable chicken coop that uses chickens to clear weeds and deposit organic fertilizer in preparation for planting. The potluck lunch was the highlight as usual with great food and much networking and socializing. Helen, who teaches healthy food preparation, also spoiled us with her wonderful healthy vegan dishes and sweets.

Next Permablitz: Our next blitz is in the eco-village of Treis Elies.

Our next permablitz will be in the picturesque village of Treis Elies (Cyprus’ first Eco-Village) on the 24th of April where help will be needed in two different areas. One of them will be giving a hand on the farm, such as making woodchip pathways, preparing growbeds for planting (along with keyhole beds and digging swales) etc.. The other area where help is needed is in assisting the hosts with making and creating some decorations for their wedding. Families with children are more than welcome to give a helping hand in this area. Tasks will include painting stones, cutting up fabrics, as well as collecting some wild abundant flowers. The hosts will be arranging tours around the farm during the course of the day. Tools and resources to bring along if you are coming: hoes (tsappa), pick axes, colorful fabrics (any leftover is good), scissors, hole puncher and colorful plastic containers (i.e shampoo bottles). For more info please see our facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/440779766130920/

Permaculture Association Cyprus Logo Competition

We would like to design a logo that will represent our Association and will reflect the essence of Permaculture while at the same time adding a Cypriot flavour to it. We are calling for conceptual ideas (it does not need to be a perfect finished artwork) that we can work from to design such a logo. So you don’t need to be artistic, as long as you can put your ideas across we can work with an artist to fine tune and stylize it. We may even end up combining more than one concept. By submitting your logo you give the committee the full rights to use it and change it at our discretion. If your design is chosen you can win a lovely section of permaculture plants suited to our Cypriot climate. So get your creative caps on and start designing. Entries must be in by the end of April. You can email them to permaculturecyprus@gmail.com or submit them to us at the March or April permablitz.

Events and Workshops

Upcoming events:
It’s no co-incidence that this spring our island is blooming with wonderful permaculture events all supported, co-taught and/or organised by previous Cyprus PDC students!
One day Medicinal herb and plant recognition workshop 20th March https://www.facebook.com/events/1712321409039208/

3 Part Vegan and Social Permaculture Design Course (PDC) starting with a stand alone Introduction to Permaculture Weekend
Part 1: Sat 26th to Tue 29th March 2016 Larnaca
Part 2: Sat 16th to Tue 19th April 2016 Kakopetria Part 3: Sat 7th to Tue 10th May 2016 Xylofagou (near Paralimni) https://www.facebook.com/events/990414787689640/

2 Part Hands on Sand Bag Building workshop
“Turning the Materials of War into the Building Blocks of Peace”
April 2-16, and April 18-24. https://www.facebook.com/events/1668000243453846/

5 day Intensive Forest gardening workshop starting off with an introductory weekend
2 day introduction to forest gardening Sat 23rd and Sun 24th April
3 day intensive design and practical Mon 25th to Wed 27th April https://www.facebook.com/events/1685908775014879/

Building Harmony into your Community, experiential week on how to communicate, work and live in harmony with others. For people who can only attend at the weekend the first 2 days will be a distinct course
29th-30th April 2016: 2 day Introduction to Sociocracy (collaborative decision making)
29th April -5th May 2016: 7 day Community Building Experience

12 Day Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Designing for Dryland Management June 11th-22nd 2016 http://petrera.land/…/pdc-designing-for-dryland-resilience…/ or http://ierokipio.org/…/pdc-designing-for-dryland-resilience/

If you are organising or know of an event anywhere on our beautiful island that is directly relevant to permaculture then let us know so we can spread the word! Simply email permaculturecyprus@gmail.com with the title ‘ permaculture relevant event’

Get Involved

If you are excited about permaculture there are a number of ways in which you can support our efforts or join us. You can find the newly established Permaculture Association Cyprus (PAC) which is run on the principles of Sociocracy.
Media Circle: The media circle is about being part of the team that handles our media outlets, ie newsletter and forum
Education Circle: Set standards, accredit teachers and certify students
Outreach Circle: Contact government officials, businesses, institutions, schools
Permaculture Network Circle: Members and affiliates are connected to the association through the network
Job Creation Circle: Job creation is about linking up experts and possible apprentices
Permaculture Kids: Organise kids activities for permaculture events. Develop educational programmes to teach permaculture ethics and principles to children
Permablitz Organising Committee Circle: is exactly what the name suggests!

Participating in circles is a great opportunity to forge new friendships, make valuable contacts and have fun with us as together we learn, practice and teach permaculture and sustainable living in Cyprus.
Please feel free to contact any of the Founders Circle Members if you would like more information on how to participate in any of the circles.
email: permaculturecyprus@gmail.com

Founders Circle Members:
Luke Louka
Katerina Constantinou
Annelie Roux
Adam Bloom
Patrick Makedonas
Kitti Kovesdi