July Newsletter 2016



July Permablitz Report – Treis Elies
By Patrick Makedonas and Kitti Kovesdi 

It was a lovely sunny day in Treis Elies. Excellent for working outside.  The main project that the team undertook was to dig a pond.  This went well and many big fat juicy earthworms were found and stored by a member to start his own wormery.  Always a good idea to start a wormery!  Once the pond was dug, unfortunately, we found out that the pool liner that had been donated had a big hole in the middle of it so the project could not be completed on the day. Other than work that was done on the field, a lot of work was put into the preparations for our wedding.  This help was much needed and it really made the wedding stand out and be unique with handmade gifts and decorations. The wedding went very well with many of our permaculture friends attending.  We would like to thank all the participants for your help and support and making our day very special.


Check out an interview with Patrick (article and video) about the Treis Elies “Nature’s Renaissance” project here:

Sigma Live Interview

A snapshot from the permaculture wedding of the year.  Photo – Annelie.


May Permablitz Report – Kiti (Larnaca)


By Eleni Violari


It was a very enriching day. The goals were to get started with some projects on the land, to encourage children to participate as well as for participants to have a good time. There were many options for participation and learning from the design process (thanks to Gabriel Pantelis) to kids making teepees (thanks to my good friend Daniel Placket). People came from all over Cyprus with their children of all ages which was great but also presented a responsibility to myself as the hostess to accommodate them in the activities in a fun and engaging way.  There were many things in the schedule so we got started with a group of people staying at the house learning about the design process and another group, lead by Greg, that was interested in manufacturing a solar dehydrator. The rest of us went to the land and made a sheet mulching bed while the kids, assisted by some adults, were making their teepees.


The best part of the day for everyone was the lunch time! The municipality of Kiti village put on a cultural event offering food and music from different countries. So all of us reached the center square either by car or on foot and we enjoyed the program. There was such a variety of food and music for the families to enjoy and I feel grateful that we had this opportunity on the day of the permablitz.  However, after that, who would had the courage to go back to work on the land in such heat?  So we decided to go back to the house and show how to make the bee wax balms that people were so excited about.  Thanks to my good friend Grigoris for his contribution and help. It was a great experience for everybody.


And so the day came to an end.  For me as the hostess the whole experience was very useful!  It was an opportunity to kickstart myself with the project and without the Permablitz group and friends I wouldn’t have done it. I realized how many people are out there willing to help and learn through nature. I think that everybody gained something from the day. Thank you to all for participating and contributing with your knowledge and the materials needed!! Team work is always better than individual effort and of course children should always be around participating!

Some photographs from Eleni’s album.  For more check out the album here.

Next PermaBlitz Event

Our next permablitz will be at Filo Terra near Xylophagou on Sunday the 24th of July.  Activities will include making sunken beds, a tractor tire wicking bed, composting, tree planting and irrigation techniques, animal husbandry (chickens and rabbits).  Lunch is a potluck with everyone bringing a dish to share.

For more details please see the Facebook event page.

An aerial view of Filo Terra from the East at dawn recently. (Image courtesy of Skycam Aerial Services).

Feedback on Permaculture Courses

Over the past few months a number of Permaculture courses were run on the island over a short period of time.  Do take the time to read about two of them in the following reports:


Designing Resilience in Drylands: A PDC in Cyprus – by Sofia Matsi



A Forest You Can Eat – by Annette Chrysostomou


Upcoming Events

If you are organizing or know of an event anywhere on our beautiful island that is directly relevant to permaculture then let us know so we can spread the word! Simply email permaculturecyprus@gmail.com with the title ‘ Permaculture Relevant Event’

Get Involved

If you are excited about permaculture there are a number of ways in which you can support our efforts or join us. You can find the newly established Permaculture Association Cyprus (PAC) which is run on the principles of Sociocracy.
Media Circle: The media circle is about being part of the team that handles our media outlets, ie newsletter and forum
Education Circle: Set standards, accredit teachers and certify students
Outreach Circle: Contact government officials, businesses, institutions, schools
Permaculture Network Circle: Members and affiliates are connected to the association through the network
Job Creation Circle: Job creation is about linking up experts and possible apprentices
Permaculture Kids: Organise kids activities for permaculture events. Develop educational programmes to teach permaculture ethics and principles to children
Permablitz Organising Committee Circle: is exactly what the name suggests!

Participating in circles is a great opportunity to forge new friendships, make valuable contacts and have fun with us as together we learn, practice and teach permaculture and sustainable living in Cyprus.
Please feel free to contact any of the Founders Circle Members if you would like more information on how to participate in any of the circles.
email: permaculturecyprus@gmail.com

Founders Circle Members:
Luke Louka
Katerina Constantinou
Annelie Roux
Adam Bloom
Patrick Makedonas
Kitti Kovesdi