May Newsletter 2017



March PermaBlitz Report

By Phil Ogden


March PermaBlitz at Filo Terra, Xylophagou.  Photo Credit: Christina Christodoulou


A couple of ambitious projects were tackled at this PermaBlitz.  The creation of a natural pond, i.e. no plastic liner was being attempted from what was an old drainage pit about three meters long, two meters wide and a mere 60 centimeters in depth. Patrick and his team removed all the vegetation that had grown around the pit which was set aside for composting. The pond perimeter was to increase by approximately a meter all around making the final size about four meters wide, six meters long and still only 60 CM deep resulting in an oval shape.  The digging was done to make the sides of the pond slope at about 30 degrees and the excess soil was piled up around the edge to be used in the next stage. When the surface had been compacted with a petrol driven compactor, another layer of surplus soil was added evenly all over the surface and the process repeated twice more with the effect of creating a very solid surface which would hopefully hold water to an acceptable level. After a final inspection of the finished pond about 1200 litres which had been previously stored up was pumped into the pond. A very satisfied look could be seen on the faces of all those that participated.


A natural fournos oven was also on the list of activities with Annelie heading up the team to create the shape and build the dome of the oven. A natural stone wall with concrete base had already been pre-constructed and was ready to receive the ‘cob clay’ that would be mixed by team members with their feet.  There they were, shoes off and trousers rolled up, treading the clay soil, sand and straw ingredients of the cob mix. When it was ready it was pulled off in ball size lumps and thrown to the team that were applying it to the sand dome mould that created the shape of the inside of the oven.  Three layers were applied to create an effective wall, about 15 cm thick, which would hold in the heat produced by the fire and of course cook the food. This was a time consuming process and team members were still cleaning themselves up as the blitz day drew to a close.


April PermaBlitz Report 

By Luke Louka

April Permablitz at Agia Eirini.  Photo Credit: Rahme Vesiroglu & team.


We had a wonderful bi-communal blitz at Umut Ersoy’s beautiful home near the village of Agia Eirini in the picturesque Morphou Area of Northern Cyprus. The attendance was outstanding with over 65 people coming together from North and South and beyond. The Activities at the Blitz included a Rocket Mass Stove, Mandala Garden, Cob Wall, Swale Digging and Geodesic Chicken Tractor. 100 trees were planted!  Everyone had a great day, and the event was filmed by a professional film crew and is to feature in a documentary that they are currently working on. Special thanks to Umut who was a magnificent host and to all those in attendance.


Next PermaBlitz: 28th May in Larnaca

We are very excited to welcome everyone to the May 2017 Permablitz, which is taking place at the Oasis Refugee Project in Larnaca. Oasis offers English Lessons, Clothing and Food Distribution and a Social Space to Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrant Workers. The Permaculture Association Cyprus is helping to design and build a Permaculture Garden for Oasis to be used by the people they help, to grow food for those in need. As part of the design we will also be creating a Children’s Play Area featuring a Climbing Dome and Stepping Stones made from car tyres. The main features of the design are: a Grey Water Treatment Plant that will be constructed using recycled materials; a number of Sheet-Mulched Planting Beds, and a triple Composting Bay to be constructed using Pallets.  We have a serious shortage of organic matter for the garden so if you can at all manage to bring some compost (home made or purchased) it would be much appreciated.

For more details about the blitz please see the Facebook Event


PAC at Riverland Bio Dairy  Farm






PAC members engaging with the public at Riverland Bio Dairy Farm on the 1st of May.


 Cyprus Permies: Meet Umut Ersoy

Q:  What is your dream for your land/project/permacutlure in Cyprus?

A:  A sustainable farm which brings people together to learn from each other.  A place that shows in small scale the connection of our nature.


Q:  How has permaculture effected your life? 

A:  permaculture has inspired, educated and motivated me to design and work towards efficient systems that may take some time and effort to implement but which i believe one day will make my life easier so that minimum effort creates maximum results.


Q:  What makes you excited about permaculture in Cyprus?

A:  Meeting with nice like-minded people.


Location: Agia Eirini

Soil: Sandy

What I am currently growing:  Summer: cherry tomatoes , cucumber , melon , watermelon ,eggplant.  Winter: onion, garlic, broad beans

Techniques being utilized:  Sunked beds/mandala gardens, swales, geodesic chicken tractor, gray water system, cob walls, sand bag dome, compost toilets, compost

Design for the land?  Yes, I have a design for the land which includes a forest garden we planted during the blitz.

Products to sell:  Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, molohiya .

Can people visit?  Yes, I am happy for people to visit me on the land.

Contact Details: email:   +90 533 848 15 08


 PAC T-Shirts – Wear the Message

The PAC founders circle have been promoting the association at various events and we thought it was time to order some T-Shirts with our logo so that we are more recognizable and stand out at events.  We chose to buy our T-Shirts from Marina at Marina’s Sewing Room as she could supply us with shirts that are 100% organic, ethically made and manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power.  We will be offering T-Shirts to permaculture enthusiasts on the island to help bring about more awareness and at the same time raise some funds for PAC. If you like our shirts and want to support our fundraiser, you can order them at Euro 20.00 – available from size XS to 5XL. We will make a modest profit on each shirt which will go to funding the costs of registering our association as a legal entity.  To order please send us an email with “T-Shirt Order in the subject headings.  As soon as we have enough orders for an economical run we will have them printed.




 Permie Kids – Bottle Experiements

Soil Erosion Experiment

Build a perfectly contained ecosystem that functions on its own (as an ecosystem is supposed to do) without any outside work or maintenance.  Get the instructions here.

Do you want your children to be more in touch with nature and their environment?

Join the discussion on our Facebook group Permie Kids Cyprus.