Part of PAC is the POC! Yes, that’s POC for ‘PermaBlitz Organizational Committee’!

POC assists the hosts to prepare their ‘PermaBlitz’ events.

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A PermaBlitz is an informal gathering involving a day on which a group come together to achieve the following:

  • Create or add to edible gardens, features, planting and assist in a Permaculture Design.
  • Educate through sharing skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
  • Build community
  • Have fun!

Permablitzes are free events, open to the public, with free workshops and shared food, where you get some exercise and have a wonderful time. Click here for a list of upcoming PermaBlitz events.


Permablitz Events are held on the last Sunday of most months of the year, at various locations around the island. Permablitzes are about seeing and experiencing Permaculture in action and about making a physical contribution to the regeneration of our planet!!

Everyone is welcome to come along – young and old. So please join us and “be the change you want to see in the world!.

Check out where we have been on our map!

NOTE: To be defined as a PermaBlitz each event must also be preceded by a permaculture design by a designer with a Permaculture Design Certificate. The network runs on reciprocity, and in order to qualify for a PermaBlitz you usually need to come to some first, although there can be exceptions in this case for example social and community projects.