September 2016 – Paramytha

It was great to be back at Koukoulaki where we held our very first permablitz two years ago. We had a record turnout of more than 50 participants with a good number of attendees from the North.

Truly a bi-communal event. A number of very enthusiastic children participated in the children’s programme. The main project of the day was the designing and building of an outdoor cob oven. This activity went so well that it was almost completed in a single day.

The other major task completed was mulching sections of the land with sheep’s wool, a product which is often discarded here in Cyprus as there is no market for it. A fire pit was dug and some maintenance work was done on the main dome exterior. As it was a family oriented permablitz, designed to include the children in as many activities as possible, another project was turning an old bathtub into a worm farm which was insulated and decorated with cob and beautiful tile mosaics.

The children were supported by adults while actively participating in mixing the cob and creating the worm farm. A mini workshop led by Annellie Roux introduced the children to the earthworms, it’s anatomy, lifecycle and usefulness in nature and our gardens. For younger children there was a crèche with creative activities in the main dome while those with artistic talent painted signs on old roof tiles and decorative stones for the land.

As always one of the highlights of the day was the potluck lunch with delicious, healthy food which created a pleasant atmosphere for socializing,sharing of ideas, networking and forming new friendships. The general consensus was that it was one of the best permablitz events todate, attesting to the hard work and organizational skills of the hostess and the Permablitz Organizing Committee.

Kat, the hostess, has been living on the land and working on the various structures built by had there for the last 5 years, you can see pictures of this process as well as download files and documents that helped and inspired her on the Facebook group Experimental Living.