September 2017 – Paramytha

For our blitz last year Koukoulakli attracted over 50 participants!

Wanting to make sure the experience remained educational, useful and in consideration of the land, for this Blitz we decided to trial limited attendance of twenty people and expand it over both days of the weekend.

This certainly worked well with many people coming for both days and lots of work getting done in different areas allowing participants to try their hand and see many styles of natural building.  Once again children were welcome and were able to take part in all the activities with adult supervision.

The main activity for the weekend was building the two walls of the extension for the main dome. As well as creating more space the extension will showcase three types of natural building styles with one wall being made of straw bales with a stone foundation (to keep the bales safe from ground water), one wall being built with sandbags/rammed earth and one with pallets.

When deciding which materials to use consideration was given to passive solar heating/cooling as well as what materials were locally available.

For this bitz we concentrated on the straw bale and earth bag walls with other activities including dry stone walling for various terraced areas around the land, outdoor stone flooring, expanding and re-doing the dome of the the cob oven, cobbing the straw bale wall, and continuing the steps along the pathway with cob and stone.

The limited number made for a more intimate experience with many stimulating conversations and connections and once gain the tasty food that everyone brought to share was the cherry on the cake of our permaculture weekend.

Kat, the hostess, has been living on the land and working on the various structures built by had there for the last 5 years, you can see pictures of this process as well as download files and documents that helped and inspired her on the Facebook group Experimental Living.