June 2017 – Treis Elies

Objective: Harvesting and processing rye


It was a warm summer day in June when had our permablitz here in Treis Elies. The focus of the blitz was mainly on our rye crops. We have always been dreaming of growing our own grain crop and making it one day into bread! We have not accomplished this deam.


1st task

The first task was to harvest the rye and bundle it up. We used our sickles to do this.


2nd task

After bunching together the rye, we now had to figure out what was the best way to get the grain out of the rye so that we can then use it. One of the methods we used was to wrap the heads of the bunches in a fabric and beat them with a stick. The other method we used was to put the rye on top of some chicken wire and again beat it with a stick. Both these methods worked quite well, but most definitely took up the bigger part of our day!


We look forward to next years blitz again!