March 2017 – Xylophagou

Filo Terra was formerly a seven thousand square meter potato field located between the villages of Xylophagou and Avgorou. A Canadian log house was built on the site in 2006/7 to accommodate the family and is totally “OFF GRID”. We purchased the land in 2005 and since then it  has been manicured by nature herself until we discovered “Permaculture” in 2014 and speeded up the regeneration process. Since then our ‘design’ has evolved to include over 450 trees of several different species. A very productive veg garden, several types fruit trees, an extensive grapevine providing much needed shade as well as grapes. A small greenhouse we use to generate seedlings utilising some innovative watering techniques. Composting (hot) is a constant process utilising all our, and often other peoples, organic waste! We keep a dozen or so hens for our eggs and are free to forage everywhere, they love the compost in particular!

In March 2017 during a “Blitz” we added a natural pond, ie no liner as we wanted the water to seep into the surrounding area which has created something of an ‘Oasis’ during the summer months. The pond is topped up daily from our organic sewage system which refines ALL the water used in the house.

Our ‘project’ is constantly evolving towards our initial design concept with tweaking here and there as we discover what works well and what does not. Our design process was made very easy by the use of a very accurate “AERIAL iMAGE”. We are working towards completing our design with the building of a large greenhouse next to the ‘fenced off’ veg garden which will extend our growing seasons both winter and summer.