May 2017 – Larnaca

This was a wonderful opportunity for PAC to help a truly great cause – Oasis Refugee Project in Larnaca. We had the honour of helping to design and build a large garden at Elijah House which is used to offer English language lessons for refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa. The site is also used to distribute clothing and also as a support centre.

The garden is to be used for recreational purposes as well as for growing vegetables for those in need. A small children’s play area was also included, which contains a tyre climbing dome.

The day went extremely well despite the many challenges involved in executing a substantial Blitz in the confines of an inner-city setting. Activities included: Constructing planting-beds, Installing support for the Bougainvillea in order to create shade, Wood-chip pathways comprising 20 cubic metres of woodchips, Building a number of composting bins, and creating the children’s area.

More than 50 people turned up on the day and a small group of volunteers worked very hard for a number of weeks in order to get everything ready. The results were certainly worth it.